Things You Should Not Post on Facebook


Millions of people log into their Facebook accounts each day. Among the things they do is updating their status, uploading pictures or taking some odd quiz. Other users share pictures along with details of their private lives, which means that their friends get to know about them. What you should realize is that Facebook’s privacy settings may not be enough when it comes to your safety.


Some people’s accounts have been hacked, the result being private information being shared with unknown people. That means you need to be careful when sharing your private details on the Facebook platform. In this informative post, we’ll look at 5 things you should not post on Facebook.


Pictures of Your Kids Tagged With Their Full Names


Parents love their children and would do anything to ensure they are safe. However, many individuals post pictures of their kids along with videos on Facebook without thinking of the consequences. For some people, they even go to the extent or replacing their profile pictures with those of their children.


You should realize that predators could use this information to lure your child or use the provided information to convince them that they are familiar. If you must post pictures of your child, make sure you remove personal information and untag them from your pictures for the best safety outcome.


Posting That You Are At Home Alone


If your child has access to the Facebook platform, it’s important that you ensure they never share information that they are at home alone. You won’t tell strangers that you will be away from home, which means your children shouldn’t. The reason is you won’t know who is reading the information, meaning they should avoid sharing this information.


Your Current Location


Another of the things you should not post on Facebook is your current location. That’s because it may alert thieves that you’re away, for example on vacation. If you proceed to say how long you will be away, it will provide them with added time to steal your belongings. If you want to upload your vacation pictures, make sure you do when you’re back home.


Current Relationship Status


Your relationship status is private information, which means you don’t want to make it public knowledge. For example, if you post that you’re now single, it will give stalkers a chance to resume following you. It also lets them know that you will now be home alone, which means you can put yourself at risk.


You Or Your Family Birthdate


Many people love getting the best birthday wishes on Facebook. However, you should remember that providing your full birth date or your family’s puts you at risk of identity theft. The best way is to avoid posting this information.




The above informative article on things you should not post on Facebook should make you enjoy using this platform. Remember that the primary aim is to ensure you’re safe from unknown people who may want to know more about you in order to steal or harm you. The best way to enjoy this platform is to share relevant informative content and general information. Share things like tips to lose belly fat. That’ll be informational and useful!